Subterminal ., Leonardo Rosado

Jun 10

“being nice and kind is the new rock’n’roll attitude”

Jun 09

my composing process

"the secret is not to give yourself into loud noise, or sheer melody but embrace all of the different sides, shades and feelings, and gently let them evaporate into the air.

to light the fuse of a slow bomb that will explode for ever, denser and denser until it reaches a quiet state of consciousness.”

That’s my composing process all about, either sounds, or words, or images. Sometimes I can achieve it better, other times I fail, but that’s what it is.

Jun 03

Something I would like to share with you

Every year my birthday is a very special day. It is a personal landmark in my own story. 

Every year I get to feel that I am special. It doesn’t matter if it is one person or one thousand people that cherish my day, or even if it just for a couple of minutes.

Every year, I feel the future opening up. This year is no exception. But with a slight difference. This year I saw a clear path for my life in so many different directions.

And this is what makes it so special. To be able to look through and get a glimpse of what will come next. Even if it turns out to be completely different. Even if tomorrow I think that everything is cloudy and obscure and uncertain.

It was already worth to catch a glimpse of what if my life followed this path defined by my own imagination today. To get the feeling that today I created another timeline for my own future. 

Every year I get the exact frame of mind to do it, to create within my own thoughts a what if scenario for my life, and every year, today i get to self-indulge with that thought and hold on to it for full 24 hours.

Thank you.

Jun 01


May 20

Naked publicity found collage

Naked publicity found collage

Found collage - a sculpture made of publicity about events, torn apart by time

Found collage - a sculpture made of publicity about events, torn apart by time

Another marketing passage of time

Another marketing passage of time

May 17

“If I am lucky After fulfilling all my dreams either small or grand I will contribute a trace amount of consciousness To Nature’s collective memory Then I can finally rest Not knowing what will come Next”

May 07


May 05

“it’s decided, from now on, all my music will be filed under #dronexpressionism. no more #ambient or #drone please.”